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kohesi Initiatives is an Indonesian-based contemporary art gallery.

The gallery is committed to supporting and presenting the career of its artists and their works in a diverse range of media and genres while encouraging exploration of their practice in conceptual and contextual interpretation with a balanced aesthetical consideration.

As an artist-first gallery, kohesi strives to achieve its vision by consistently holding quality exhibitions and artist-focused projects, while actively seeking the opportunity and possibility of working together with institutions globally to enrich and benefit its artists.

kohesi (a word-for-word Indonesian equivalent to ‘Cohesion’) also represents the gallery’s intention to act as a platform for various practitioners from contemporary art and other creative scenes to collaborate together within mutually enriching interdisciplinary projects.


Tirtodipuran Link Building  A

Tirtodipuran St, No. 50

Yogyakarta, Indonesia

Gallery hours

Tuesday - Friday

12 - 7 PM

Saturday & Sunday

12 - 8 PM

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