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Agung 'Agugn' Prabowo

Agung Prabowo a.k.a Agugn (Bandung 1985) graduated from Graphic Art Major at the Faculty of Art and Design ITB. Exploring various printmaking techniques, mostly linocuts, his practices have comprised to push the boundaries between printmaking and installation. Fear, nature, and shamanistic cultures have been his drive for making art with anthropomorphic and psychoanalytic perspectives.

He held his first solo exhibition, ‘Natural Mystic’ in Bentara Budaya Jakarta, Yogyakarta, Solo, and Bali-as his first prize for Triennale Seni Grafis Indonesia 4 in 2012. His next solo show is in 2015 at Jogja Contemporary, titled ‘Unguarded Guards’ and in 2016, ‘AGUGN:Printing Live in the Cosmos’ at Vinyl on Vinyl, Manila, and another solo show in Mizuma Gallery, Singapore called ‘Molasses’ held in 2017. His solo show was held in Machida City Museum Of Graphic Art, Tokyo in 2020 and previously in 2019, he was invited to do artist residency in Machida City, Tokyo. He has participated in many group exhibitions internationally, including ‘Termasuk;contemporary art from Indonesia’ in Darren Knights Gallery, Sydney in 2019, and ‘Multilayered-New Print 2018/Summer’, in International Print Centre, New York in 2018. Another group exhibition he joined is ‘Java-Art Energy’ at Institut des Culturesd’Islam, Paris in 2018, where he show his installation that had been displayed in 2017 in ‘Re Emergence’ at Selasar Sunaryo Artspace.



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