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Special Presentation by:

Sekarputi Sidhiawati

Sekarputi Sidhiawati, born in Jakarta, 1986, and has worked with ceramics for more than 10 years. Taking formal education at the Faculty of Art and Design ITB-Ceramic Art studio. She is now known as the co-founder of the ceramic studio Arta Derau, while consistently working in the art world. After working in Bandung, in 2018 she moved to Tegallalang, Bali to expand her ceramic studio business.

With woman-related issues, Puti had been a finalist of several fine art awards such as the Soemardja Art Award in 2010, and the Bandung Contemporary Art Award 2013. She had join several prestigious exhibition include ‘Jakarta Contemporary Ceramic Biennale’ in National Gallery of Indonesia (2014); ‘Temperature Affect’ , Museum of Fine Arts and Ceramics Jakarta (2017); ‘Manifesto’, National Gallery of Indonesia (2017); ‘Termasuk’, Darren Knight Gallery Australia (2018); ‘Southern Constellations: The Poetics of the Non-Aligned’, Museum of Contemporary Art Metelkova, Ljublana-Slovenia ( 2019), ‘Indonesia Calling’, 16Albermerle, Sydney (2020). Her second solo show was held in Uma Seminyak, Bali in 2019 titled ‘Your Existence Gives me hope’.



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