Awang Behartawan


Born in Palembang, Indonesia.

I have experienced the processes that happened in this everyday life. Though sometimes I don’t think or feel about what has happened in this process. But the fact is that I experienced a change from this process of life.

Others can also experience my experience but in another time and place. What happens to others, I might also experience in another time and place. But essentially it is both the same. My artworks have much to say on what happens to us in this life, where we continue to experience new things that will only end when death arrives. This is why daily life interests me.

What I see, feel and experience ultimately inspired me to work with “Fractal” as a concept. Fractal is a form of never-ending continuity and repetition. Fractal is everywhere - In humans, animals, plants and it is life itself. I created the circles and recreated others with different sizes because I want to convey the past, where one circle can be seen layered behind another. My artwork has been on a journey from the beginning until now, where it visually is very different. Also because of what I saw and felt during the creative process. I combine all my earlier styles, to represent this concept of fractal. Fractal itself lives within us and our daily lives.