Ayu Arista


Born in Surabaya, 14 December 1979

Me as human, realize that our lives cannot be separated from the relationship between man and nature. Like the air I'm breathing, whether it is clean air or the dirty ones.

The land that I live in, such as making our house or making my garden. The nature is the source of our life and the most important part in human life. As we know that nature and human behaviors shape our lives, both from the inner world (the realm of the soul) and the outer world (the real world), all interrelated and provide cause and effect. A factor that determines human life, whether past, present or future. So for me as an artist this is interesting to note that modern humans have been around for a very long time and lived for much on nature resources. And the fact that I know, such as human behavior and other act like over exploitation and a lot of pollution have started affecting our environment negatively in this last decade.