Ayu Rika


Born in Yogyakarta, 1996

I believe that sometimes (and unconsciously), the body is exposed to direct contact with externalities which makes it more than just a ‘vessel' for the soul; it also takes the role as a memory storage device.

Based on this presumption, the condition of human's body becomes an interesting issue which inspires my artwork creation process. Through the examination of human's body condition, I try to convey a feeling from an event that has occurred and affected the body in the past. By glancing at varied body conditions, we can then sufficiently get to know ourselves and recollect various kinds of events that had happened as a lesson.

I try to convey positive thoughts of the body - where the acceptance of the body condition becomes the dominant notion. My interest in the body and scars is the accumulation of personal observations, which I explored from the beginning of my study.

Oil and acrylic paints are my main materials of choice in conveying such ideas. However, I also experiment through the use of sandpaper, cutter, nail, knife edge and sponges to obtain the faded impression in my painting. In several works, I have even gone as far as watering and slicing the paint surface of my canvas to get the impression of a dramatic skin wound.