Don Bryan Bunag


Born in Bulacan, 1993

Don Bryan Bunag combines finesse of execution with daring leaps in figuration in works that tackle a wide array of thematic concerns and a gamut of human experience:

from an inward-looking sojourn to the intricacy of the self, to fresh interpretations of the enduring images of the Western art canon, to an unflinching reckoning of one’s place in the historical and contemporary moment. His works characterized by the kind of calm and lucidity that announces a storm, Bunag occasionally intervenes on the canvas by puncturing—both literally and figuratively—the pictorial surface through cutting, burning and slashing, actions that render conceptual immediacy to his works, revealing ways in achieving expressiveness beyond the materiality of paint. Conversant in acrylic, oil, watercolor, ink and graphite, he combines various media to fully articulate his vision suffused with a reverberating, otherworldly beauty.