Dwiky KA


Born in Surabaya, 1993

Dwiky KA (Surabaya, b.1993) is graduate from Visual faculty, Surabaya, his main focus and practice for his art works is visual arts.

He delivers messages through his work about something ordinary, close and interesting from daily life, then combining with extreme things and bring it in a fun way through underground music culture, science fiction perspective, hardcore humor of the reality of life, and vintage/old comic style aestetic. Dwiky ka has exhibited his work in galleries and commisioned for several art exhbition and events locally and globally. in 2019 his gigantic works ‘x-spiderpunx’ was selected for instrumenta festival and displayed at national gallery of indonesia, and in 2021 he had a solo exhibition "LABRAX" in Gallery-X Parco Shibuya, Japan.