Galih Reza


Born in Surakarta, 1990

Every human being always has a feeling of anxiety that is constantly being thought of and demand to be expressed. For me, the role of art is to act as a medium that expresses anxieties that keep on appearing in my mind. To this day as an artist, the search for truth is what I express in my work. My work has always been a search for truth, both in the context of spirituality within and in how humans construct and deconstruct their understanding of humanity which is always intertwined with other creations around them.

I have had quite a long journey with painting. Painting makes me get to know myself and get to know more and more about the phenomenon that occurs around me by understanding the big picture of its constituents. The plotting technique I use in my work is inspired by my mother, who used to bake cakes when I was little. This technique is also an attempt for me to communicate with my childhood as well as a form of emotional manifestation and expression in myself towards ideas and thoughts.

Currently, I am also exploring media and materials, namely clay, acrylic paints and oil paints to create texture and dimension in the canvas area. I want to be an artist who is always learning and celebrating imagination with a desire to continue to explore and seek the truth.