Born in Malang, 1957

Ivan Sagita studied at the Indonesian Art Institute in Yogyakarta from 1979-85. He’s known as an introvert
and mysterious artist, but his work of art is well known
in the world of art.

He uses realistic painting techniques to make unrealistic images. Out of this tension, he strives to depict the uncertainties of everyday life, especially as they impact on those who are powerless in the face of poverty and injustice. He has said: "To me, life always goes differently than we expect to. This is why I tend to express uncertainties. Seeing the life in my surroundings I get the impression that everybody is controlled by an invisible power..." Sagita's subjects are frequently the traditional Javanese people whose life struggles he observed in Yogyakarta. He has noted: "They struggle to survive, but they accept whatever happens to them."