Restu Taufik Akbar


Born in Bandung, 28 November, 1990

It all started with my keenness to be in touch with nature and to travel (by hiking, bicycling, motorcycle touring, snorkeling, etc.), which gave birth to a realisation in me, that there is something more real than the physical world.

I can vividly see, hear and feel nature's movements and they feel enjoyable, comfortable and soothing. Empty but full, and time seemed to stop. Everything moves in harmony and lawful in its own chaos, fluctuating as if to show that there is something behind this physical universe. From this experience I realized that it is the spirit, not the brain, that controls the body and consciousness. The spirit that can work together, harmonise and blend with nature.

The awareness from that experience became the basis of my painting. Abstract is the word I use to express and re-live my feelings when I become one with nature. The landscape (forest, lake, waterfall, etc.) that appears shows how I meld and harmonise with the abstract form. The white light is a language that shows the happiness, serenity and truth that I have found; the reality of this life. To me, painting is a form of my gratitude for the experience that I felt in nature. Painting is also a recall process of my adventures on canvas. To harmonise, be one with nature, for me that is the most important thing needed by humans….to rest.