Riono Tanggul "Tatang"


Born in Yogyakarta, 1984

Riono Tanggul Nusantoro a.k.a Tatang was born in Yogyakarta in 1984, completed his Bachelor of Fine Arts at the Indonesian Institute of the Art in Yogyakarta, 2010 majoring in Painting.

Since 2003, he has been active in graffiti and street art. This practice then had a major influence on his works, especially for his interest in issues of popular culture such as music and comics.

The 2007 art market booming had a significant influence on his work. A very aggressive market at that time made the process of the arts become chaotic. This phase became a learning in the creative process which then shifts into personal experience and connotations of the good and cruel market of art. He then chose to pilgrimage his workmanship by returning to simple, affordable media, albeit with more intimate and intense closeness.

He mainly works as an artist and has been involved in various group exhibitions and art projects in Indonesia and abroad. He is also a founding member of Ace House Collective, an artist collective founded in 2011 in Yogyakarta that is active in the field of youth—pop culture that emphasizes the exploratory approach both in theory and practice, conceptually and contextually, as well as finding new possibilities on visual perspective.

In 2013, he ran an illustration and design bureau called "rayatheink" which focused on works in the form of drawings, printmaking, music album covers, merchandise, and posters. He lives and works in Yogyakarta.