Born in Pasuruan, 5 Agustus 1981

My works are dealing with issues of (personal) memory, identity and rewriting histories within an intimate perspective in order to read social context.

So, visual objects merely represent my memories from certain narratives that has been taken for granted as truth in our daily life. In a way, by creating the objects I want to bridge dialogue between my memory and my actual life, and reflecting the moment of remembrance and against forgetting.

I took inspiration from simple things in life. My daily life, relation to my personal side, religious--including complex dilemma of my identity as a woman, a mother, and also about the values in life that I regard as a given truth. I tried to rewrite and recreate something that maybe taken for granted or forgotten. I also love to get inspirations as well from design and pop culture, fairytales and many others.

I realized that life is about arts. We can see arts in many aspects of our life, and by seeing arts, life becomes enriched by different perspectives.