Moelyono, BERKACA DULU, 2020, OOC, 170 x

Don Bryan Bunag, The Day I Discovered the World, 2019, oil on canvas, 101,60 x 172,72 cm



Atreyu Moniaga • Ayu Rika • Don Bryan Bunag • Isko Andrade • Izal Batubara • Mark Leo Maac • Marvin Quizon • Triana Nurmaria • Valdo Manullang

NOV 30, 2019 - JAN 12, 2020

Interlocking the Memorabilia of Subject :
a Working Notes for the Show of Reciprocities

Meeting the artists who are showing in Reciprocities has encouraged me to re-question the aesthetic nature of art. If aesthetics are often associated with something nice and beautiful, how to categorize the connection built between the darker-themed works and the audience? For me, it is not merely a matter of taste. There are basic things that support such connection.

In general, fine arts and aesthetic studies have developed far beyond what Kantian thinkers have predicted. The modality of art continues to change: from its attachment to the medium (medium-based specific), to become dependent on the discussion (discourse-based specific), and now seems to be largely determined by concrete socio-cultural issues (context-based specific). The focus of the value also changes. Quoting from Bambang Sugiharto (2013) –the focus of value on art has changed from a matter of beauty, to a technical problem, then to a matter of meaning, and then again to the impact of sensation, and finally, to the process of mutual significance between the artist, the work, and the appreciators.


Hamada Adzani