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Translucent Lines

Apr 11 - May 14, 2023

Windi Apriani

Tirtodipuran Link Building A

The title Translucent Lines reflects Windi Apriani's works, namely "paintings" done using the drawing technique in the form of stacked ballpoint lines to form diagonal hatches (cross-hatch). The shading, adjusted for placement and density, turns into an illusive painting of a room filled with draperies and several other objects. The illusion that is formed displays a light space, because it is full of refractive light, as if it is transparent. The imaginative and light impression is strengthened by Windi through a blur effect that appears faintly through the accumulation of images.

Sensory tension and perception are the main forces in Windi's paintings. She succeeded in constructing subtle and gentle imagery through the most primordial component in fine art, namely line. Windi can compose firm straight lines into illusory draperies that are soft and full of curves. The imaginative space in Windi's paintings seems to invite us to be a part of it, with the painter. Windi is no longer present in her paintings (in her early works she is "present" as the subject matter) because she is already with us—the audience—becomes part of her paintings. It is often said that painting is a "window" to see the world. In this case Windi seems to invite us to step back for a moment away from the window frame, and become part of a quiet room (look at the window frame in the painting entitled “Light Up for a Second”), to contemplate for a moment—to forget all the hubbub and bustle of the world.

Transcendental power appears in Windi's work because of the uniqueness of her method. This was achieved by Windi, not through the main material for painting, namely paint, but simply ballpoint lines. However, materiality is physically present in Windi's canvas in the form of a stacked line texture, which is congruent with the canvas texture. This component versus the resulting image causes perceptual tension, but strangely it leads us into a contemplative plane. That is the specialty of Windi’s painting.

Asmudjo J. Irianto

Exhibition View


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