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Riono Tanggul

Born 1984, Yogyakarta
Lives and works in Yogyakarta


Riono Tanggul (b.1984, Indonesia) composes his imagination into the canvas, utilising the logic of collage and design principles. He disguised impressions by creating figurative portraits of combined images of classical sculptures and female figures. Since 2003, he has been involved in the graffiti and street art scene which influences his practice through popular music and comics.

He earned a Bachelor's Degree in Fine Arts, majoring in Painting, from the Indonesian Institute of the Arts (ISI), Yogyakarta in 2010. He later co-founded Ace House Collective, an artist collective in Yogyakarta engaged in youth and pop culture, emphasizing exploratory approaches and discovering new possibilities in visual perspective. He believes that his role as an artist today is to re-present what already exists in the world through his work as a platform to open up different perspectives.

His solo exhibitions include Back To The Future #5: Slow, Perfect, and Joy, Ace House Collective, Yogyakarta, Indonesia (2017) and Untitled, Kedai Kebun Forum, Yogyakarta, Indonesia (2015). Riono also participated in various group shows such as WIB: Works In Bali, Srisasanti Gallery, Titik Dua Ubud, Bali, Indonesia; On Connectivity, Kohesi Initiatives, Yogyakarta, Indonesia; Tropenwelle, Broken White Project, Mizuma Gallery, Singapore (2022); Illusesia, Centralstation, Darmstadt, Germany (2015); and The Legend of Jogja, Primae Noctis Gallery, Milan, Italy (2104).


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