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Happy Birthday Holy Day

February 24 - March 31, 2024

Angki Purbandono

Tirtodipuran Link Building B
Jl. Tirtodipuran 26,
Yogyakarta, Indonesia 55143

Happy birthday today and in the days to come, forever!

Happy Birthday Holy Day!

A greeting and an invitation to enjoy and cherish each day as a sacred day full of gratitude. Just like a birthday celebration, Angki Purbandono embraces his artistic journey as a moment of sharing as well as a realm of discovery, rendezvous, and friendships. Happy Birthday Holy Day is a dynamic presentation that explores the idea of photography in a performative method of montage.

Stickers become the spirit unveiled in the process of creating Happy Birthday Holy Day. Stickers not only encompass the idea of information distribution but also convey aspirations and creativity. Serving as signs of existence as well as the intentional recordings, stickers are a form of expression that is highly persuasive. Made with the awareness to move and settle, stickers are carried to be later mounted to objects or specific places based on preference and freedom. It's this element of sharing joy and freedom that then becomes the attraction for Angki to transfer a series of his scanography into sticker format.

In Happy Birthday Holy Day, the transformation of mediums blends with periodic ever-changing presentations that showcase Angki Purbandono's collection of artistic experiences. Montage becomes the chosen method that represents the distinctive characteristics of the medium of sticker while also embodying a form of openness in enjoying the journey of composing memories and hopes. For several months now, Angki has been sharing the meaning of Happy Birthday Holy Day with children, family, and the general public both physically and virtually. Today and for at least the next month, Angki periodically and dynamically unveils his latest experiments in a situation that tends to be performative. Happy Birthday Holy Day is retrospective yet prospective in every moment.

Happy Birthday Holy Day is a periodic presentation of the montage of life and creativity of Angki Purbandono.

Bob Edrian


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