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Jul 8 - Aug 13, 2023

Group Exhibition

Gallery R. J. Katamsi

Artists: Agugn, Anastasia Astika, Andy Dewantoro, Angki Purbandono, Dede Cipon, Enka Komariah, Gabriel Aries, Ipeh Nur, Meliantha Muliawan, Patriot Mukmin, Suvi Wahyudianto, Timoteus, Anggawan Kusno, Wimo Ambala Bayang, Wisnu Auri, Yosefa Aulia, Yudha Kusuma Putera

“Intermission” is a group exhibition that responds to the word “intermission” which can be interpreted as a temporary state of time; a pause, a time in between, separated from the before and the after in which the artists respond in this exhibition, each in their own ways.

Art becomes a way of bringing pause by slowing down the wheels of time and placing attention on the various forms of life. What are the processes of formation and disassembly of forms that occur in these works? How to place these works in the context of today's political economy where pause is a luxury? How are the articulations of the times present or absent in these works? By seeing each work in reflection with other works, we may find echoes and our voices return.


Exhibition View


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