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Feb 4 - Mar 19, 2023

Yosefa Aulia

Tirtodipuran Link Building A

The theme of Larung, reflects two matters in the work of Yosefa Aulia (Ocipa). First, the meaning of larung, as a verb is "to sweep away," "to let it drift away." Second, as a noun, it means "bottomless coffin". What does it mean by bottomless coffin? Is there any? Or is it a metaphor? This definition is a bit strange, as strange as the narration of Ocipa's works in this exhibition. Fragments of the human body are visible, in the form of incomplete bodies, sometimes by itself, in the form of hybrids fused with plants sometimes the bodies appear piled up, hidden behind plants. Intertwined with the body, appear a variety of plants, animals, and various objects. The configuration of these visual components forms an absurd and strange unity in Yosefa's work, creating surreal and gothic-nuanced drawings with soft, vivid colors.

All these oddities stem from Ocipa's memory, thought, anxiety, intuition and imagination. The main trigger is a childhood trauma when Ocipa failed to save an injured bird. He buried the bird, while contemplating death. This memory has never disappeared until now, and influences her ideas and methods of work. In the form of absurd “illustrations” drawn up using markers on small handmade paper, Ocipa's works are in line with Lowbrow's tendencies. The lowbrow genre is generally not pretentious with concepts, theory and discourse. Ocipa's works rely on their own strengths, becoming “illustrations” that invite viewers to get out of the normal, material things, into the world of the soul, the world of dreams. Ocipa's bizarre “illustrations” trigger viewers to also let their feelings drift away, and enter the deepest recesses of their memories, dreams and imagination, which can be quite wild and out of the ordinary.

Asmudjo J. Irianto

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